Pacific Home Loan and ProPlan

When Pacific Home Loan and ProPlan outgrew their current tenancy in Redcliffe, and were seeking to establish a new facility that better integrated its various working spaces, they selected Prima Commercial as their solutions partner.

In this project, the major outcomes were the establishment of a vibrant facility both internally and externally that injected energy and created a lively office culture, as well as creating a working environment that catered to both the needs for private work and team collaboration.

Three separate and divergent tenancies long vacated provided Prima Commercial with a challenging backdrop, it had the challenge of converting a long vacant three separate tenancy’s both internally and externally into one vibrant and cohesive look. PRIMA was able to provide PHL with a complete solution that met all their requirements and truly reflected the corporate image of two of Queensland’s leading providers of financial management services.

Our experience and passion for what we do ensures we develop and implement innovative strategies that will build your wealth and provide you with the clarity you need to plan and secure your tomorrow. The formal conferencing space and private executive areas required a standardised yet operationally-efficient workplace that would encourage collaboration and teaming activities, as well as provide privacy for meetings and individual work. that encourages interaction and communication between all employees